Retro drawings from across India
Colour Indigo Print on Natural Evolution 300GSM paper

Set of 8 drawings are from my sketchbook which I drew in 2017. Sometimes, I feel like I time travel and deeply get involved in the beauty of different cultures of India. I drew these sketches when I was working on a project with a museum.
In August 2017, Mumbai was flooded and I was stuck at Lower Parel station. Local transports were completely shut and I decided to walk to a friend’s house. I struggled to cover a two km road in four hours with a bag wrapped in multiple layers. My sketchbook and laptop were in my bag. I kept my bag on top of my head so that I could save it from flooded roads. When I reached home, I saw everything was wet and almost gone. I was sure that all my drawings are spoiled and I can’t do anything with them. After a few days I see a beautiful vintage effect which goes perfect with my retro drawings. This is naturally ‘edited’ and I think I could never do better photoshop work than the flood did it to them.
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