Polo Print 
Woodcut print on Somerset acid free paper
Size- 7x8 inch (paper size) 
I don’t know how many polo drawings I make and still his pose each day feels new. He is the naughtiest cat one can ever wish to have. Always ready to play, super talkative and extremely loving. As Lolo, my first cat was not getting along with him even after a month of living together, I decided to return Polo back to the place I adopted him from. 
That entire night he didn't leave my side and kept looking at my face for hours as if he was telling me to not let him go and he would try to be a nice boy and I had to change my mind. The best decision I ever took. He spreads his fun and positive vibe day and night with us and I hope this print shares the same vibe in homes.
There are so many polos out there looking for families, give them a chance to make your life beautiful. #AdoptDontBuy

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